All you need to know about Twitter!

All you need to know about Twitter!

Technology News: We know that all social media platforms are made for entertainment and news or to socialize. Here we will talk about one of those platforms usually called Twitter, and it is used widely in the world.

So, Twitter is an online social networking site where people communicate by posting news, texts, and messages called tweets. Well, Twitter is also called or pronounced as a microblogging site, so don’t be confused they both are the same just one name of Twitter.  Because the majority of tweeters microblog, express themselves to the world and share that with their followers.

However, on Twitter you can find the most relevant information and valuable content as the platform is also used by big celebrities, and politicians so they choose to use Twitter to announce the news or breaking news because Twitter is faster than any media or broadcast. It passes information to the world in just seconds because every person is using Twitter and it is a very good platform to get updates.

You might have heard the term Twitter Space right, do you know, what exactly it is? Let’s have a brief conversation about it.

Have you tried the audio feature on Twitter? Well, this feature is only available for users having more than 600 followers. Here users can host these discussions in Space and also can invite other users to join it. Even if someone you follow is hosting a space, it will show up as a purple bubble at the top of your timeline for the duration of the conversation.

So, with Twitter Spaces now users can speak for as long as they want and also can receive responses from others live. Even any person can the purple bubble on your timeline and can participate in the live conversations.  And you can control the conversations like who can speak and when.

Another term is, what is a Twitter circle?

Like what we do in our friend circle, it’s only you and your selected friends right, meanwhile, a friend circle or group where you can share, play, fight, smile, etc can do right. Similarly, the Twitter circle allows you to send tweets to just selected people and share your thoughts with the people you want to share with. You can even choose your tweet circle and those you have chosen can see the tweets you share in the circle.

Furthermore, the tweets that you send to your circle will appear with a green badge and you can add a maximum of 150 people to the Twitter circle.

If your information contains a misleading fact or wrong information then how twitter deals with it?

  1. So, first Twitter misinformed content or false content is checking the external subject matter experts or the members of an international fact-checking certified network.

  2. Secondly, birdwatch is a user-based feature, that allows all Twitter users to identify the information that they think to be false, they can recheck it.

  3. Twitter has many advisory boards of scholars and researchers who study misinformation, polarization, online manipulation, and harassment.

Here are a few settings tips for your Twitter account, that you might want to use.

  1. If you are a Twitter user then, must have a strong password that includes capital letters, special letters, and some numbers. Even you should enable two-factor authentication. Here you can find that, go to options More click on settings and Privacy, then go to account, then security.

  2. If you want to tweet privately or want only your followers can see then, go to settings and Privacy and click on Privacy and safety.

  3.  You can also prevent your location from posting by following, go to settings and Privacy click on privacy and safety, and then Location information.

  4. You should enable the manage photo tagging option if you believe that someone will use it to harass or spam, do this, go to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety and then Photo tagging. Secure your tagging option.

  5. You can modify your discoverability by hiding contact information, here apply this setting, go to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then Discoverability.

  6. You can even turn off personalized ads and personalization based on identity, device, and location. Here you go, go to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then Personalisation and data.

  7. The most important setting is switching off your direct messaging to ensure that people you don’t follow cannot send you a direct message, meanwhile, you can turn off show and receipts by go to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then direct messages, now turn off the direct messaging.

  8. Even you can specify how long you want to show like 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days, or always show. So, you can apply these settings, settings, and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then Muted, click on Muted words.

  9. If you want to block any account then go to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then Blocked accounts.

  10. Also, you can enable the quality filter, like you can choose the option to mute notifications from people you don’t follow or who don’t follow you, those who have a new account, have a default display picture, not confirmed email and phone number, etc by going to settings and Privacy then Privacy and safety, and then Notifications.

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